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Brad is our handsome action vehicle, a stylish, seven seater SUV. Perfect for those who have an eye for a more modern mode of transport. Brad has a white exterior which compliments any other vehicles he travels with.



His heated seats, virtual cockpit and amazing sound system, may tempt you to prolong the journey -  Brad's comfortable drive has calmed the nerves of even the most anxious of passengers !  Brad in two words, strong and luxurious.

Year:             2016                                           Type:          Q7

If you interested in booking Baby Blue for a hire either send us an email at sales@funcampers.co.uk, or feel free to contact us on 07824 601 888.

Berths:         7 comfortably                           Engine:     3.0l

For a personalised quotation, please email at sales@funcampers.co.uk, or feel free to call us on 07824 601 888.

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